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Mind body healthcare approach.


Alignment with healthcare approaches that treat mind and body as one  

The highly specialized, traditional Western healthcare model excels at saving lives, controlling high-risk conditions quickly, and managing symptoms, which is extremely valuable. However, it's not as effective at reaching the source of complex problems, presenting the cost-benefit ratio of treatments, or providing a big picture for healing. 


Fortunately, evidence-based functional, integrative, and precision medicine approaches are now offering more. They address root causes of disease and emphasize that lifestyle efforts, such as nutrition and movement, can be primary tools for healing. They recognize when pharmaceutical use is worthwhile, and when it could cause more harm. They acknowledge that mental health issues often have origins in physiological dysfunction, and that physical health problems can be created or exacerbated by factors like trauma and stress. They go beyond reductionist models that frame mental illness as either biochemical or behavioral, instead reflecting the highly interactive relationship between genes, environment, stressors, and lifestyle choices.

Progressive holistic healthcare models don’t just present body, mind, and spirit as equally important, but as inextricably connected. Using the same philosophy, my primary goals as a mental health practitioner are:


1) To empower you with a sense of greater options for healing than the compartmentalized standard healthcare model provides, or to reflect your existing awareness of them as your psychotherapist and counselor

2) To  maximize your emotional, spiritual, and behavioral health in ways that support your physical health and comprehensive well-being 


3) To help you achieve a deeper level of emotional healing with psychotherapies demonstrating the integrated nature of mind and body, and to broaden mainstream awareness of their value for most mental health problems 


The Center for HBH is an ideal choice for support whether you already work with progressive health providers, aspire to do so, or are simply open to a powerful new psychotherapy approach. 

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